Introducing the m_unit (2)  

Okay, time to write about the rest of the band now. :)

Joyce Hammann
She is a leader of the string-Muses! She has performed with so many jazz legends on some of my favorite jazz records of all the time. She is awesome at playing a wide variety of music, and she sounds very sweet and dramatic on my recording! Besides, I have to tell you that she was really sweet to be the godmother of "Dizzy Dizzy Wildflower". :)

Sara Caswell
This beautiful lady has also played with a lot of musicians, and not only has a fabulous career as a jazz violinist, but has really cool projects on her own. It is very important to me to see how much 1st violinist and 2nd violinist trust each other-- and definitely "Joyce and Sara" was a great combination!

Lois Martin
She is the behind-the-scenes boss. She has responsibilities to keep the balance of harmonies and swing the string section, which is very tough to do. I have listened to a lot of recordings that she had played on with Joyce, and she's always been awesome; and this time, she did great on my album, too! Yay!!

Meaghan Burke
I met her at my school (MSM), and I fell in love with her rhythmic sensibility on our first performance together. I've seen her playing not only classical but also contemporary music, jazz, world music, and so many others, and she always stands out! Her playing is aggressive, and yet has a phenomenal tone color. You should check out her own projects as well!

Sam Harris
This guy is a mystery to me. Since I play piano as well, I should be able to see what he plays… but his playing is always beyond my imagination and blows me away. I imagined his playing while I was composing "Time River", and I was so excited to let him play it. Then of course he played the piece way more creatively than I heard in my imagination; that made me almost cry with delight.

James Shipp
He is definitely the life and soul of the band! At the same time, his part is the one that has to be perfect all the time. His crazily great technique/groove has added so many colors to my music, and he has been always perfect. And also, you can hear how crazy he is when he solos. I love his solos!

Jake Goldbas
My hero. I still remembered how excited I got when I heard him perform for the first time back in MSM; I thought, "this is it, this guy's playing would be perrrrrrrfect for my music!!!!!"
He makes my music sound like THE music. In other words, my music might not be as groovy or entertaining without him. His musical instincts match mine very much; I don't even give many directions in the drum parts; that]s how much I trust him.

All of the m_unit players are not only great musicians but also beautiful, beautiful human beings. I feel blessed to get to work with all of them, and I am so proud of my team!!

Hmm…did reading this get you interested in checking out our new album "Time River"? You can PRE-ORDER
it now HERE; we have some rewards as well!
We will be back with a live performance video next time-- stay tuned! :)



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