Introducing the recording team  

Only 3 weeks to the release! Now I would like to introduce my support team. This album would've not happened without this amazing crew!

Recording, Editing and Mixing engineer: Brian Montgomery
クリックすると元のサイズで表示します(photo:Brian and his buddy, Cody!)
This guy is a hip star in the industry. He has worked on so many projects that I really love including the latest Maria Schneider album, Darcy James Argue album, etc. Having him as an engineer was a wonderful experience; he is very honest, sincere, friendly, and yet he has very sharp ears and the amazing technical ability to do everything…literary EVERYTHING. There were a couple of things that I wanted to do differently from my first album and this guy made them come to life!!

Mastering engineer: Yuka Koizumi
This lady has magical powers; she is definitely one of the best mastering engineers in Japan. She adds depth to my orchestra’s sound and makes the recording sound like THE m_unit. I’m obsessed with the mastering process and we went through several iterations before I was satisfied. I am grateful to have her on the team!!

Album cover teamクリックすると元のサイズで表示します

(photo:L-R/ Mutsumi, Miho, Shitomichi
L-R/ Tadashi, Koichi)
Tadashi Kitagawa (designer): I always have a specific concept for the album cover. It's been challenging to communicate the intent of my imagination clearly, but luckily this guy has been very supportive and corporative. We strove to keep a consistent concept across both of my albums, so you can compare side by side!
Shitomichi from Vale. (photographer): The photo shoot with him was definitely one of the most memorable I’ve had. His ideas on controlling the light and shading were so creative, and I started getting inspired by his ideas at the photo shoot. It was just amazing.
Koichi Fujisaki and Mutsumi Shibahara (makeup & styling): Koichi chose a fabulous dress from G.V.G.V.-- I loved spending time with both of them! I also really appreciated that they made the studio's atmosphere very relaxed. You will see their radical art on the back of the album, too. ;)

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