Introducing the album  

"Time River" was released in Japan yesterday! As I am getting very excited about the Sunnyside Records release (which is officially moved to October 16th) and CD release show at the Jazz Standard (IN A WEEK!), I would like to talk a little more about the album.

about "Time River"
The title track refers to my own perception of time.  There were moments when I was wondering whether time was moving forwards, backwards, or had stopped.  It was as if I were standing still and everything else was going by faster or slower than normal. I found that the time conflicts between
myself and everything else were interesting, so I wanted to describe that
feeling through music. This concept appears not only in this piece, but also
spans the entire album. This piece features saxophone great Joshua Redman on both soprano and tenor
over the course of the piece’s ten minutes. I have long admired his works in groups such as James Farm and SF Jazz Collective and in his own albums as a leader, so it is a dream come true that he performed on my piece. He did an incredible job in getting the sense of the music right away; it was like magic to see how he played with the band after just a brief conversation about the piece.

about "Under the Same Moon"
I think most jazz composers/arrangers today can’t help but be influenced by the work of Gil Goldstein, whose work stretches from the Gil Evans Orchestra to recent collaborations with Bobby McFerrin and Esperanza Spalding.  The ensemble sound of Michael Brecker’s 2003 chamber jazz album Wide Angles,
which featured Gil as the arranger, was a large influence in determining the instrumentation of m_unit.  He has been incredibly kind and supportive to me since we met through Ryuichi Sakamoto.
He had sent me a recording of his accordion concerto and it reminded me of an old piece that I had written eight years ago. Inspired by his piece, I decided to re-orchestrate my own in a similar fashion to his concerto and feature him on the piece. Though I tend to focus on crafting unique and intricate harmonies, I focused particularly on creating a singable melody in this composition.

about music video "The Urban Legend"
This visual motion music video is created by a fabulous animator from London named James Francis. The concept of the video was to develop a fluid set of evolving visuals which become vibrant and flourish with the music. If you were astute, you may have discovered the source material of the visuals,
especially when it is used less abstractly towards the end of the video.
Spoiler alert: the visuals were created from human being motion captures! I love that the digital-geometric motions of the video enhance the music through this human element and creates an emotional experience.

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